Our advanced models simulate all critical elements of a specific procedure. The materials included have biomechanical characteristics similar to those of human tissue, and behave in a similar manner during cutting, manipulation, suturing, and electro-cautery. Relevant anatomical elements like bowel, vasculature, fat, and other features of internal viscera are included. The advanced trainers have full medical imaging compatibility (CT scan, 2-dimensional and 3D ultrasound) and simulate true operative metrics of performance (blood loss, tumor margins, operative and ischemia time, amongst others).


SIM is developing advanced surgical training models for the following procedures:


Neurological Surgery

- Myelomeningocele 

- Carotid Endarterectomy (video)

- Cerebral Hemorrhage

- Spinal Stenosis


Procedural Trainers

- Central Line Placement

- Vessel Anastomosis

- Basic Skills Trainer



- Hysterectomy

- Myomectomy



- Partial Nephrectomy

- TURBT (video)

- Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy


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