Our advanced models simulate all critical elements of a specific procedure. The materials included have biomechanical characteristics similar to those of human tissue, and behave in a similar manner during cutting, manipulation, suturing, and electro-cautery. Relevant anatomical elements like bowel, vasculature, fat, and other features of internal viscera are included. The advanced trainers have full medical imaging compatibility (CT scan, 2-dimensional and 3D ultrasound) and simulate true operative metrics of performance (blood loss, tumor margins, operative and ischemia time, amongst others).


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SIM has developed urological training models for the following procedures:






Bladder Tumor Resection (TURBT)

Full procedural simulator for transurethral resection of bladder tumor. The trainer contains realistic models of urethra, ureteric orifices, and 3 tumors of varying difficulty (size, location, depth of penetration, degree of vascularity). 

Robot-Assisted Partial Nephrectomy

Surgical trainer that replicates a complete partial nephrectomy procedure using a da Vinci Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical). The trainer simulates colon mobilization, renal hilum identification and fascia opening, tumor resection, and renorrhaphy. The model is compatible with pre-operative CT scan and intra-operative ultrasound imaging. 

Kidney Stone Removal
(Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy)

Full procedural PCNL simulator constructed around a highly realistic recreation of the pelvicalyceal system. Compatible with fluoroscopic guidance for percutaneous access and wire insertion/positioning. The trainer is compatible with pneumatic, ultrasonic, or combined lithotripsy. 

Prostate Phantoms

The prostate phantom is a benchtop polymer-based model that permits transrectal ultrasound-guided procedures. The phantom consists of a prostate gland with multiple tumors, urethra, rectum, and perineum. This model can be used for training of transrectal ultrasound (video), prostate biopsy, brachytherapy, and cryotherapy. MRI-imaging data included upon request. 


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